The VioLinn Studio

Located in Northwest Austin in Steiner Ranch

Photo courtesy of Bright Blue Photography

Welcome to The VioLinn Studio!

My name is Dr. Tammy Linn Dawe. I have been a Suzuki violin teacher for twenty-nine years and have been honored to teach students in Austin for the past twenty. I work with students and families of all ages as they develop their musical gifts.

I believe in the teaching philosophy of Shin'ichi Suzuki, and make it a priority to instill our shared values in all we do. Playing the violin ought to be a joyful experience, while at the same time acquiring skills that transfer and benefit many other parts of our lives. It is my goal to help faciliate this on our shared journey together.

Thanks for being here and exploring The VioLinn Studio site. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Tammy Linn Dawe, DMA